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Trust in a relationship

When you look hard enough for gold in people, you will find it.

What do you do when you are talking to someone?

What do you do in your relationships?

We can have the best intentions towards a person.

Love them dearly and want nothing but the best of life for them.

Yet, do you sometimes find yourself waiting to see when they will mess up with you?

Or when they are going to stumble because “it is too good to be true that they have not hurt or disappoint you.

When you find yourself doing this in one of your relationships, Stop.

Stop and ask yourself, where is this lie coming from?

Is it because this person had hurt and disappointed you before?

Or are you projecting your filters (that come from old hurt & trauma) over this person.

Look for the treasure in a person.

They might just surprise you.

And in that process, you will restore your faith and trust in people and relationships.

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