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Disappointment, pain, disaster or loss can be a traumatic experience & trigger a negative emotion within us. How we deal with it matters. We usually either run from it, ignore it, suppress it or take it out on people.

RESILIENCE is the ability to withstand, adapt to, & recover from adversity, stress, disappointment & trauma. It gives us the internal ability to MOVE FORWARD from a crisis, trauma or pain. It gives you the inner will TO NOT GiVE UP! Most importantly it gives you the ability to work through your pain, to grow & THRIVE despite your circumstances.

Resilience helps a person readjust their emotional well being to a balanced state after pain, loss or trauma. One key to growing in your resilience is gratitude.


It is important to look at negative situations realistically but it more important to not let is be the main frame of your focus. To not focus on what has gone wrong, but to be intentional to find what still brings on that smile for you!

Start with the small. What challenge are you faced with today that you can reframe and see the positive. We are here to help if you need to talk.

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