Who are LBS Ambassadors?

  • Are you passionate about creating transformational change in community?
  • Are you a Black resident of Baltimore?
  • Are you mature, reliable, and trustworthy?
  • Do you have the time to receive training and tangibly assist LBS work?

Then you should become an LBS Ambassador!

LBS Ambassadors are African-American residents of Baltimore who commit to various volunteer roles and tasks that further the vision of our organization. Ideal Ambassadors are reliable, mature, trustworthy, and have some direct experience and/or knowledge of the Black freedom struggle and community organizing.

Our trained Ambassadors support the work of the organization by recruiting new Community Sustainers; facilitating merchandise purchases at community events; and facilitating the canvassing, phone banking, and social media promotion of our public policy and grassroots advocacy work.

Prospective LBS Ambassadors must complete a volunteer application and agree to reference verifications. Some may be scheduled for an interview and all are nominated to participate in Ambassador orientation training series by a majority representation of the Leadership Team.

Complete the LBS Ambassador Profile today!

Become an HnB Ambassador!

Join the movement and become an. Ambassadors go through training to 

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Looking to get more involved or would like to offer your time or talent

  • Graphic Design
  • Communications


Have an organization or initiative you believe your mission aligns with Heal 'n Build, tell us what you've got going on and we can figure out ways to support each other. We also provide fiscal sponsorship for grass roots organizations as well.


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