Combining two worlds

Yoga + Urban Planning


Both the idea and the name of Heal 'N build came to Jasmine sometime in 2014. Being that she had strong passion for both yoga and community development but felt as if she was being pulled in two different directions. From then, she set out on a quest to seamlessly integrate them, not just for herself but for others as well.

Went through yoga teacher training and became frustrated because it seemed to focus on the personal aspects of yoga and not the community. Little did she know about the other paths of yoga including Karma yoga, service to others.  Looking at things problems through and efficiency lens, Jasmine determined that yoga and individual wellness could make communities more efficient. None of the community engagement efforts that people and organizations lead can be sustainable unless leaders are whole in mind, body, and spirit. At the end of yoga classes, she would ask "what's going on in the community?" instead of the usual personal check ins. Wanted to use yoga as the foundation for community building. 

Going deep into urban planning and environmental design in 2016, Jasmine studied at UC Berkeley and had an experience that led her to view neighborhoods as people with different organs, specifically the neighborhood of South Berkeley, one that is quickly undergoing transformation. She saw this neighborhood as not just a place but a person that needed to be healed. 


Our team includes a board, interns and a large community