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Walls & Boundaries

We put up walls usually when we have been wounded. Keep doing it long enough and you will find yourself behind the bricks of the walls keeping you “safe” from the hurts of the world. You will wake up one day and realise that you are all alone in your world, even when surrounded by a multitude of people. The world may call it solitude but it is exactly there

where you will fall into a state of loneliness that can lead to Depression. Depression is real and it is a disease that will inevitably take you on the path that leads to destruction.

One thing we must tell ourselves and to those around us struggling with Depression is that there is Hope and there is Healing. The goal is not to forget or deny the hurt or trauma, but to walk through it holding the hands of people who love well and know how to help bring down the walls one step at a time.

A good support system can be a powerful & a game changer!

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