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On some days, finding even one thing to be grateful for can be hard. Not that we are not surrounded by beauty or have nothing to be thankful for. Some days, we wake just feeling like going back to bed, not wanting to even bother to look at the possibility of a beautiful day!

And that is okay!

Stay longer in bed if you need to. But while you are there, think about the day before, or a the few days leading up this day. Think about that one thing that made that day special. Hold on to that thought and be thankful. Then think about it again, as if it was happening many times throughout the day. Over & over again.

Then, feel yourself smile, grateful for that happy memory! Then smile wider. Now wake up, get ready for the day and expect to be smiling as you walk out that door!

Gratitude is an amazing tool you can hold on to & practice every single day. #Gratitude

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