It sounds simple but yoga is our approach. The work is Sanskrit translates to “union.” Our Heal ‘n Build approach is to keep individuals in unity with themselves and commuities.. at the same time

We believe that healthy PEOPLE build healthy, sustainable COMMUNITIES

Yoga guides our work. Yamas and Niyamas

Heal ‘n Build approach

We believe that the whole is the sum of the parts. Using that logic, we recognize that communities are made of people with complex lives but at the very essence are human and all humans need to take care of themselves in order to continue day to day activities. Therefore, community engagement is INCOMPLETE without considering the entire person. Our experience in the community development industry coupled with experience being practicing yoga teachers, it gives us an advantage that:

1) Drives more, well-rounded insights 2) Makes the engagement

No separation- Conectedness

When we lead workshops or design events, there will always be a connection we start by connecting with the breath

Yoga Philosophy

Many people only know about the physical practice of yoga and see it as a ftiness activity. It is actually what

Yoga as Practice to Fuel ChangE

Yoga is a martial art

Holistic Community Development vs Holistic Community Development

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