Move with Us!

Heal ‘n Build holds space and creates experiences that help connect people to themselves and each other for ultimate community effectiveness. Our primary modalities are yoga, bike riding, and outdoor recreation. We use these tools for health, liberation, and joy. Heal ‘n Build prioritizes Black people in all that we do and intentionally reserve some space for Black-only.



We are grounded in yoga philosophy and practice. Our yoga prgrams and events, we hold space for Black and non-Black people. At times when we are feeling down, we will host pop-up healing sessions to remind people to breath. Most yoga is practiced off the mat.

  • Community yoga classes

  • Cincinnati Black yoga teachers

  • Healing Pop-ups

  • Yoga demos at health fairs and events

  • Special yoga classes for individuals and orgs



Through bike safety, education, and advocacy initiatives, we are able to mobilize people. Bikes are fun, bring families together, great for the environment, and a cost-effective, mode of transportation.

  • 100 Blacks on Bikes - A Red, Bike, and Green event

  • West End Riders

  • Avondale pop-up bike shops

    Partners: Red Bike & Green, Major Taylor Cycling Club



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