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Meet alexander...

Teaching Style:

Training: Vitality yoga

Alexander's Movement: anti-black hetero patriarchy decolonize afro-futurism


10 years ago, yoga became a fundamental part of my life. After my initial exposure to yoga through Project Yoga Cincinnati at Western Hills High School, my yoga teacher Jen Painter took me under her tutelage to expand my practice in her private studio for free. She has be an invaluable teacher and mentor. The tools that have been cultivated in me through yoga have helped me to create balance in my life, I see life has an organic experience that is comprised of choices, I have gained a broader perspective on world and the practice has granted me an ever expanding mind open to a world of possibilities. Through the stillness crafted from yoga, I am able to discern positive occurrences and when to detach myself from situations that do not serve me. This has allowed me to attract a network of inspiring and uplifting people into my life.