What We Do

Heal ‘n Build is a social enterprise committed to creating mindfully engaged citizens and  intentional, more deeply connected/compassionate communities. Wellness to the people is power to the people.

We lay the foundation for effective community development by seamlessly integrating individual wellness to activism and community development.  Join us as we build communities from the inside and out!

There are 2 components of Heal 'N Build

  1. Consulting
  2. Community Resource


Our mission is to create a culture of wellness; building resilient leaders and sustainable communities though personal health, mindfulness, and movement.


We envision a city where all neighborhoods are beautiful, residents are connected to themselves and neighbors


Our unique Heal 'N Build method is what distinguishes our movement from other wellness initiatives. We intentionally combine wellness activities such as yoga with community development educational activities to establish mental connections. One minute, we're doing kids yoga and repeating "I am light" and the next minute we're addressing neighborhood blight

It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men
— Frederick Douglas

We are a diverse community of healers, builders, and activists. 


Partner Yoga Teachers

This movement can sustain itself off of the back of one person. We partner with diverse and inspiring yoga teachers and wellness practitioners to get the job done. They are doing amazing things both on the mat in the community. Click on their photos! Read more about our HNB partners on our blog and connect.

  • Tierra community builder, power yoga instructor and wellness health coach by day, electrical engineer by night. She believes sturdy bodies house strong minds.
  • Aziza is a Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Performer, Actress, musician she uses her talents to tell stories of black queer womandom, when she is not on stage she is spreading love through service   Bare Soul Yoga 
  • Nikki, our "yoga mama"...
  • Francesca